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“Asking for help is a sign of strength” 

Since 1970, millions of parents participating in Parents Anonymous programs throughout the country have found hope for a better life, strength to make positive long-term changes, and support for conquering the parenting challenges they face. In New Jersey Parents Anonymous programs have grown in number and in diversity, meeting the need for culturally responsive, neighborhood based programming. Weekly, open-ended Parents Anonymous groups operate on a model of shared leadership and are vital resources for all communities seeking to support parents in their efforts to build strong families and communities.

Why does Parents Anonymous work? Because we believe the majority of parents love their kids and that parents will reach out for help if it is available. It works because our parent support groups meet in neighborhoods and are run by a shared leadership model of parent and professional volunteer working together. Parents Anonymous works because it is free and on-going. We realize that changing life long habits don’t happen overnight or in an 8 week parenting class. Real change takes time, support, courage and hope, all ingredients in a Parents Anonymous group.

Parents Anonymous works because it is supported by volunteers who care about parents and children. Over 100 volunteer professionals give their time to facilitate Parents Anonymous groups. The 24 hour Stressline is volunteer staffed, and the child care at each Parents Anonymous group is provided by volunteers. Parents Anonymous works because it is the only family strengthening program in the state that is completely confidential and there is never a waiting list. Any parent who needs help can join a Parents Anonymous group. Parents Anonymous parents know that the only time confidentiality is broken is when a child is at risk.

Finally, Parents Anonymous works because we provide support 24 hours a day. From our parent support groups, to our fatherhood program to our survivor groups, Parents Anonymous programs strengthen families. The support groups, the child care, the 24 hour Stressline, provide the “extended family” that all parents in New Jersey need and deserve.

Reach out today at 1-800-843-5437